By investing in Napa Creek Village, you will be investing in:

Several Years of Solid Financial Returns

Impact Investors will be pleased to realize a better rate of return than most impact opportunities.  Utilizing real estate brings attractive added benefits, such as cash-flow, tax write-offs, profit distribution, and multiple exits that return the original investment with above-average earnings.  This helps you grow your investment portfolio which creating a path to high-performance property ownership for those who might otherwise not have the opportunity.


By creating net-zero energy, low water consumption, and very low greenhouse gas producing homes, we strive to be the most environmentally progressive, financially accessible developer in the United States.  When we put proven green features into our housing, we continue to raise the bar. Thriving Communities homes are high-efficiency and so durable that they will reduce waste (and costs) for years to come.

Social Progress

At Thriving Communities, we create excellent housing for the local workforce; stability, safety, socially-diverse interaction, and other life-enhancing opportunities.  That includes making feature-rich yet affordable homes in urban infill locations, which means more time for families to be together and less time commuting.  Our Thriving Communities are designed to positively impact lives for generations.


Thriving Communities builds hypoallergenic, health-promoting housing with exceptional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), mold resistance, no volatile organic compounds, no formaldehyde, pest resistance, and more.  They are extremely quiet and have an abundance of fresh air and natural light.