Napa's rental market has been featured several times in local publications:

Napa rental rates soar 13.5 percent - August 1, 2015     "The market is pretty strong. I have zero vacancy. I find that a lot of people who are renting are moving to Napa from other places.  Napa is growing; the jobs are here." - Steve Bawa, Napa rental property owner

With economy strong, Napa builders begin housing projects - June 27, 2015     "The economy is rebounding...I have a feeling a lot of people postponed construction while the economy wasn't doing well, now there is more money out there to play catch-up." - Bob Conners, Solano-Napa Builders Exchange

1 in 4 US renters must use half their pay for housing costs - May 1, 2015     "The crisis reflects one of the shortcomings of the recovery from the Great Recession: Income has failed to match rent increases. At the same time, construction has failed to keep pace with demand from renters.  The recession pushed more millennial, former homeowners who faced foreclosure and low-wage workers into rental housing."

Priced Out of Paradise - May, 2015     "I understand that I lot of landlords have been doubling and tripling the rent, and if renters can't afford that, there's nowhere to go...there isn't any rent control here. So if the renters are given proper notice, there's no regulation against their being told, 'OK, now your rent isn't $1,500 anymore; it's $3,000.'" - Kathleen Dressen, Napa Valley Community Housing

Renters face sharp price increases in Napa Market - March 23, 2015     "We don't have much of anything. Right now, I've got three properties to rent. That's it. Usually this time of year we have maybe 10 or so." - Betty Marton, Professional Rental Organization Inc.